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Our clients’ success is our success. Together we build innovative structures and pave the way to successful online businesses. Maximize the results of your e-commerce sites with us – we plan, scale and support investment projects with capital, extensive know-how, and networking for small and medium enterprises. Whether you need support throughout the development and launch of your e-commerce website or you face challenges that limit your progress: we have a solution that suits your needs. With a dynamic team of experienced e-commerce experts we transform new and existing projects and businesses and take their success to a greater level. Moreover, we invest in real estate that specializes in work and travel in digital business branches, creating perfectly designed remote workplaces. Our experience allows us to assist you in all of your digital projects and, with that, we can help you to gain a competitive edge. Innovative approaches and high competences – our owner and team, as well as our subsidiaries, partners and consultants specialize in digital and property project management. Through that, you can furthermore be sure to experience a pleasant and holistic service experience with us. We are here to help you to succeed online. Partner with us to realize your digital advantage and tap your full potential.  

Plan, Develop, Support and Succeed — we aim to design unique, valuable, and innovative online projects. We rethink digital success with an innovative approach and expert guidance and create businesses with strong profiles and USPs.

Who we are.

We like to be considered as an extension of your online business rather than mere vendors. Our clients' success is our success – together we help you to achieve your goals and lift your digital project to the next level. Our experienced investment experts are not only financial experts but founders themselves, bringing along years of industry experience and specialized know-how of the digital sector.


Alexej Boger

With his team, he offers a holistic service for digital business development, including planning and implementing successful product & performance developments and tailored digital marketing strategies that contribute to e-commerce positioning and growth. He knows how to develop success pathways for digital business, picking the right e-commerce development and technology. Following the #OpenforBusiness spirit, he offers his skills and competencies mainly in exchange for profit shares of digital businesses, helping online businesses to take the decisive step to a greater level.

The Team

We are dedicated online marketing heroes with expertise in scaling e-commerce based on tailored digital marketing strategies, creating and implementing branding strategies, performing successful online internationalization and supporting digital businesses to maximize the results of their e-commerce goals.

SEO Bavaria GmbH

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What we are looking for.

If you are an SME looking for reliable and experienced partners to support you in developing and implementing the ideal digital growth strategy, we can help you! Succeed online with us, as we offer suitable solutions and tailored strategies to grow, expand and internationalise your online project. We are seeking for investment opportunities in digital businesses which are spurred to take the next step in the digital world, and we like to be considered as an extension of your business rather than just selling services. Whether you need support throughout the development and launch of your e-commerce website or you face challenges that limit your progress, we support you and help you to achieve your goals with our holistic concept.

Our mission

We enable our partners to get access to digital growth without having to fear poor investments or bad decisions, granting them maximum security and minimum risk during the growth phase. In this way, we help to increase the overall value of all kinds of digital projects. In this way, we help you to increase the overall value and minimize the risk to your digital projects. Through that, we can create and support a valuable, unique and long-lasting online business. Partner with us to realize your digital advantage and tap your full potential. As equal partners, we are in it together to invest in a shared digital future.

Successful innovation is an interplay of inventive and creative capabilities with strict and accurate monitoring. Going beyond simple solutions, we combine the strength of peoples' creativity with high-functioning technology to grow digital projects by taking the most efficient and risk-optimized path from an idea to a highly scaling business model. We deliver actionable solutions that allow you to successfully scale your online business. In order to take your business to a greater level, we will set clear and measurable goals to evaluate your digital project’s agility, pace, and strength of implementation. Providing financial capital for innovations and support, we facilitate faster access to new business areas and the use of new technologies.

Our mission is to increase your reach, improve your brand awareness, optimize your ROI and help you to succeed online. Innovative and creative out-of-the-box business ideas drive us – our digital entrepreneur business model combines innovation and implementation strength of digital agencies with the willingness to take entrepreneurial risk. We invest in your success and transform your business in the digital space, gaining a digital advantage.


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